Vodat – The role of the store in a multi channel world

Vista Retail Support made an appearance last night at Vodat International’s connected store event.

The debate: What is the role of the store in a multi channel world?

Is the store doomed as more and more shopping shift on line, or will multi channel retail see a rebirth of stores retailing? What will the store of the future, connected to everything, everywhere and everyone, look like?”

Yesterday (23rd February) many went along to One Aldwich, London to join Patrick Walker, Head of IT at Beaverbrooks and Richard Blunt, Head of IT at Jaeger to discuss ‘The Connected Store’ and the role of the store in a multi channel world.

Mark Townsend, Vista’s Senior Business Development Manager was right there to hear what everyone had to say. Here he shares his views:

“From where I see it, connected store where customers can order up on line and collect in store is a great thing for the customer and also for the retailer.  The customer can try on their goods before taking them home and the retailer has the chance to interest the customer in matching items.  The customer can return items to the store rather than go to the post office to return them.  Once ordered online if the stock is already in store, the customer can receive an email in minutes confirming their new purchase is available for collection.  How good is that?  Also, customers can order on the way to work on their mobile device and collect from store at lunchtime or on the way home.  Or they can order at say 10pm, a time retailers will tell you is peak, and collect in store the next day.”

“So why am I excited for the connected store?  Well, if you are a retailer with high street stores and your strategy is to drive customers to your stores then more than ever you need @VistaRetail to keep your tills and store IT up and running.  It’s all about the customer experience and great customer service they say.  You can’t deliver that if your tills are down!”

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