Top tech stories of 2011

2011 was a big year for the technology industry and the busy news cycle leaves plenty of room for discussion.

The following stories in 2011 had a huge impact that could resonate for many years:

1.     The death of Steve Jobs

Possibly the biggest news story of the year, Apple Co-Founder Steve Jobs lost a long battle with pancreatic cancer.

The whole world mourned as people gathered outside the hundreds of Apple stores to lay flowers, candles and written notes of tribute.

2.       Hackers

Members of the loosely organized group emerged from the Internet underground this year with a series of politically fueled computer attacks on churches, e-commerce and banks. A sister group called Lulz Security staged its own hacks before quickly vanishing.

After Sony’s online networks were hacked, researchers discovered a file planted on one of its servers containing an Anonymous chant. After that, anytime a site was down or an account password had been stolen, it was a “hack”.

3.       Patent wars

The biggest names in mobile, including Apple, Google, HTC, Microsoft, RIM and Samsung, have engaged in a giant game of patent Risk.

These companies have filed lawsuits and countersuits in countries around the world to seek licensing agreements or block the sale of rivals’ products.

4.       Tablet market gets dozens of new entrants

Sparked by the massive success of Apple’s iPad, Google introduced its Android Tablets while Research in Motion brought its Blackberry PlayBook to the market. Meanwhile Amazon launched its Kindle Fire while Hewlett-Packard brought its TouchPad.

5.       Google+

Social networks are becoming a crucial part of people lives. Many head to Facebook or Twitter for an answer before Google nowadays.  So Google created its own facebook-like network in Google+ where users can share photos and browse status updates

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